2021-2022 School Supply List

School Supply List

6 composition notebooks

3 packs of loose-leaf paper

2 packs of grid graphing paper

4 pocket folders with prongs

1 (2 inch) Binder

1 pencil pouch (to hold personal materials) 

2 packs of 24 #2 pencils 

1 pack of colored pencils/crayons/markers

1 pair of scissors

6 glue sticks 

1 pack personal highlighters 

1 handheld pencil sharpener

1 combination lock for lockers

1 pair of inexpensive, wired earbuds will need to be provided by the student 

1 Basic, four function (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) calculator



  • Students will be responsible for replenishing supplies throughout the year as needed. 

  • Students will also need to mark and label their own items for health and safety reasons.

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